How to Make the Real Hair Extensions Last For a Longer Time
 To change your look completely to the better, you need to know where to invest all your time, effort and money. This will give thick full long/tall hair where there was none. This has become the basis for women who have naturally thin and fine hair to make a positive change.

Different types of Clip in hair extensions exist in the markets including human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. The earlier has gained popularity because it gives the most natural look and it can be treated and even styled as the natural head of real hair because it looks and appears to be too natural.

Without a doubt, this type of hair treatment can look awesome, but on the other hand, it is a real investment of money with the most popular growing salons charging a higher dime for the best treatments. It is vital to protect your real human hair extensions in a very special way to make them stay for long.

It is paramount to make sure that any hair extensions should be replaced on a semi-regular basis; this is also as advised from prominent hair professionals and salon owners. Failure to adhere to all this will cause permanent hair damage, to both the extensions and your natural hair.

When looking for Hair extensions , there are important rules to adhere to. You will need to treat this newly acquired hair with more care, other treatment than even your natural hair. The reasons behind all this are that the hair does not grow out of your scalp and the natural oil prevents this from happening.

The natural oil is used to make your hair become nourished. This mostly applies to the curly hair extensions which can be damaged easily and they require moisture to keep them n a good condition. You should give the hair extensions a natural treatment so as to make them last for a longer period.

Additionally, you can use the deep conditioning treatment on a weekly basis so as to make your hair extensions more nourished. You should also sleep when your head is covered with a veil to avoid the hair from forming knots. You can also wear a night cap for it prevents the hair from snapping which can cause damage to your hair extensions. All the above tips will help you maintain your hair extension.